Rockport, July 24, 2014 – H&H Project Showcased During School Safety & Security Summit

ROCKPORT, July 24, 2014 – Members of H&H Door Company, Inc. (“H&H”) were in attendance of the School Safety & Security Summit which showcased the recently completed Aransas County Independent School District’s (“ACISD”) Live Oak Learning Center. ACISD’s Live Oak Learning Center is one of several projects recently completed that incorporates a “key-less campus” through the implementation of card access at all openings (including classroom and exterior openings), virtually eliminating the need for staff issued keys and enabling the campus to perform quick and secure lock-downs.

H&H, working with a top-tier integrator partner, manufacturer, architect, general contractor, ACISD, and various members from the local community assisted with the design and implementation of the hardware and access control systems for the Live Oak Learning Center and various other ACISD projects.

“The ACISD projects represent a textbook case study of how a proactive approach to hardware and access control systems at the conception of a project’s design can result in a solution that provides staff efficiencies, increased security controls, and long-term cost savings”, said Chase Stanzel, Vice President of H&H. “When the necessary parties including the hardware supplier, integrator, architect, and general contractor, work collaboratively while focusing on their respective core competencies the best solution for that client will be the result.”

About H&H Door Company, Inc. – H&H is a turnkey provider of doors, frames, hardware, access control, overhead doors, and other related products throughout Texas and surrounding states. H&H is headquartered in Victoria, Texas and specializes in educational, medical, and commercial projects.


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